Are you interested in selling craft supplies in your local market? 

2 Moms Craft Shack got started by selling inside Vendor Malls. We currently operate inside 6. A good vendor mall will:
Be open 6+ days a week
Be open 10+ hours/day
Offer exclusivity to your products
Scan your product barcode
Offer a we-based sign on for end of day sales

If you're looking to sell in your local market, consider 2 Moms as your supplier. We provide the inventory labeled and ready to sell. Plus, we offer same day shipping so you can keep your booth stocked for your customers. 

Our price structure gives you freedom to build your business over time without a huge investment. Craft Vinyl is in high demand in local markets and business is there for the taking. If you have a local vendor mall or other storefront, this is a great opportunity for you to expand your offering. If you don't currently have a storefront or know of a vendor mall, we can help you find one. 

In Store Prices
12"x12" Siser PSV $2.00
12"x12" TeckWrap Adhesive $4.00
12"x15" Siser EasyWeed $4.50
12"x20" Siser Glitter $7.00
12"x20" Flex Foil $6.00

Your profit will depend on the price breaks you get and the overhead you have.