We are currently only considering applications from customers with a storefront. 

Our Reseller program gives you freedom to manage your business the way you see fit. Craft Vinyl is in high demand in local markets and business is there for the taking. 

When we first got started, we ordered by the yard and 5 yard rolls to get the price breaks necessary to make a profit. Scrap happens when you have to square up your vinyl for straight edges, or when there are flaws in the material. We cut all that out for you so there's no loss

Our program provides the vinyl to you ready to sell. No time spent cutting and worrying about the quality of the cut. We've been able to create a process that is effective and efficient. 

Our vinyl comes tagged, complete with the description, price and barcode. All you have to do is scan the barcode. You're ready to start selling now without the hassle of creating the item numbers, deciding on a price, or creating new tags!

We've set up in over 15 locations and currently have 7 locations that are operating. We have the experience necessary to guide you on your entrepreneurial journey. We can help you with your inventory levels and management, picking the correct location, and with displays. 

Our pricing is by the sheet no matter the quantity. This gives you the flexibility to mix and match your orders so that you're only purchasing the exact number of sheets for your business while maintaining a consistent profit margin. 

Your first order must be a minimum of $500 followed by $150 orders. You can continue to take advantage of our discounted prices with $250/month orders. These will be averaged over the course of the quarter. 


2 Moms Craft Shack wants to partner with like-minded individuals who wish to sell quality products in their local market. This program is geared towards individuals who will be able to effectively manage and market their inventory. 

We can help you identify the right inventory for your budget and selling goals. Our objective is to help you be successful. All we ask is that we be your preferred supplier. We intend to offer excellent customer service and support to keep your business. 

This package/service is not for everyone. It takes time to market, manage, and work your inventory. If you don't have the tools or time to do those things I would not recommend this program. Please read through this agreement PRIOR to applying. 

Apply here if you're ready to get started. We will look over your application and get back to you as quickly as possible.  

*This is a service/program, complete with vinyl. Our online prices for 30+ sheets is cheaper than what we offer in this program. Please check our website prices and understand that before you apply.