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Destiny Dream Labs is our June small business of the month. We'd love for you to get to know more about them. 


Destiny Dream Labs


Destiny Dream Labs LLC is a family-owned small business with Randy - the inventor/engineer and Angel - the tumbler artist at the helm.  

Our company got started when my Angel asked if I could make some items to help her with her thriving tumbler business.  We started out small - making stands to hold the cups upright when they were off the turner.  Next came weeding pots that make working with vinyl much easier. It’s often the little details incorporated into our products that make crafting easier and more enjoyable. The sorting lanes in our stoning trays are a good example. They look simple enough but were specifically designed so that with just a couple of shakes they lineup your stones! One of our specialties are attachments to hold your tumbler to the turning arm. We make them for many different types of tumblers and are adding new ones all the time. Need a custom attachment? Let us know. We have made custom attachments for many of our customers. 

As our business has expanded, we have taken suggestions from other craft enthusiasts as to what things would help them, to let them focus on the art and not the tools.  We pride ourselves on making products that are engineered for quality and durability that will help our customers increase their efficiency and enhance the joy of crafting. We all know how important it is to have the right tools! Today we have grown to over 40 products with more products being designed, engineered, and tested every day.  If you need something let us know.  We will work with you to make your idea come to life.  Several of our products originally started as customer requests.   

We take pride in making our products to the highest quality and stand behind our work.  Our products are all patent pending.  You be the artist, let us worry about the tools! Come check out our web page or see us on Facebook at Angels Crafty Creatures: Tumblers and more - we would love to help you with your crafting needs.


Angel & Randy

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