We are a small business with 4 full-time employees offering same day shipping with bulk price breaks. The business was born from a passion of crafting. By purchasing from us you're getting quality products at a great value while supporting people who earn livable wages. We offer an incredible amount of transparency so our customers know exactly what to expect from us. Please check out our FAQ  and  Key Metrics  to see more. 

In order to serve our customers today, we procure bulk products, repackage, tag and distribute to online customers and our retail locations. Our distribution warehouse/office is located in Claremore, OK and works as the central hub for our operation. 2 Moms Craft Shack is a one stop shop for your craft supplies shipping 80% of all orders same day. Find more information on TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Google. 

Text or Call us at 918-500-6915 or e-mail us at sales@2momscraftshack.com

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Meet Our Team

Chief Executive Officer

You can find her all over our social media pages providing information about our products and operation. 

Sales & Finance

She mostly handles the end of our operation, reconciling all sales and bookkeeping. She can also be found filling online orders or helping Mitch with inventory.

Operations & Marketing

She's mostly behind the scenes moderating lives, managing the website, placing orders with vendors, and working her magic with Canva.


His main focus is receiving, cutting, tagging, and managing the inventory as it flows throughout the company.