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Glitter shaker bottle design to match my Loungely backpack!

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Thank You all so much for coming back to watch another ratchet tutorial heee.

I love creating content that will hopefully make you all smile.

Below I will link the supplies that you will need to recreate this tumbler if you want to. If you cant get enough of me hee hee .. here is the link to my VIP APP, where I teach live every week, and upload my podcast, and much much more.

The Stainless Steel Shaker Cup is linked below

The glitter used is from Maestra Creations

code: Mayramakesit saves you 10% Glitter

name is DISCO BALL

The Epoxy used is from Flynn Sister’s Supply shop.

I have a discount code for all of the supplies on her site, except epoxy ..

CODE; BADDIEE10 The Vinyl used for the decal is from Hobby Lobby all 3 of them.

The Font is from Creative Fabrica, the name of the font is Franky .

I recommend subscribing because then you can download anything you want daily from their site for free.

The Lisa Frank sticker pack is from Dollar Tree, but just in case you can not find it an your local dollar stores. i did find the pack on Amazon.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for the constant love and support. It truly means the entire world to me. BESITOS

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