Affiliate Agreement

Payouts happen at the end of each month or when your payout reaches $25 via PayPal. Please include the e-mail associated with your PayPal for payments.

By applying, you agree to the following requirements:
1. You will post about our products at least twice a month
2. Your engagement must meet at least one of the following:
      A. 2 sales a month
      B. $50 in sales a month
3. Check your dashboard monthly
4. E-Mail a link to the social media account where you plan to share your affiliate link
5. A current customer who believes in the products and services of 2 Moms Craft Shack
6. My account will be suspended if I don’t meet these requirements

Gift Cards will be issued to affiliates as follows:
1. 1% of total sales over $1,000
2. 1.5% of total sales over $2,500
3. 2.5% of total sales over $5,000
4. 4% of total sales over $10,000